On the Mediterranean paradise island of ancient beauty known as Ibiza, Nino D’Agata and his wife Barbara Hartmann have created an elegant shop that allows them to cater to their jewelry clients and create new designs together. 

Born in Catania (Sicily) Nino D’Agata was 18 when he moved to Rome to study at the University of Architecture. In 1972, he left Rome to travel around the world and discover different cultures. During this journey through Europe, the Middle East, South America, Afghanistan and India, he discovered his passion for working with gems and semiprecious stones. In 1975, he met his future wife and partner, Barbara Hartmann who, at the time, was a research Biologist in Rome. They left for South America where they continued to explore the art of jewelry making together.

After years abroad they returned to Italy and in 1984 opened their own workshop near Piazza Navona in Rome - an area famous for its classical goldsmith workshops.  It is here they were invited to take part in an exhibit with the prestigious assembly of “Scuola Romana, del nobil Collegio di St Eligio.” This experience  further enriched their knowledge and skills as goldsmiths and jewelry artisans. In the following years they took part in several personal and collective exhibitions throughout Europe, gaining notoriety and establishing a loyal clientele.

In 1993 Nino and Barbara moved their family to Ibiza. Together, on this little island in the middle of the Mediterranean sea, they have managed to create the perfect lifestyle that allows them to enjoy their work and gives them room to be creative.  

 Nino and Barbara  create original and bespoke designs turning your "golden" dreams into reality.